Access to Kyoto University Katsura Campus

From JR Kyoto Station: 

By Train and Bus
Please take Subway Karasuma-line to Shijo station, tranfer to Hankyu-line and get off at Katsura Station, then take Keihan-Kyoto bus 20 or 20B from Katsuraeki-Nishiguchi bus terminal (Katsura Station West Exit) and get off at Katsura-Goryozaka(C-Cluster)

By Bus (about 45 min, departing every 30 min)
Please take Keihan-Kyoto bus 21 or 21A from JR Chuoguchi (JR Central Exit) bus terminal C2 and get off at at Katsura-Goryozaka (C-Cluster)

From JR Osaka Station, JR Shin-Osaka Station:
Please take JR Kyoto-line to Katsuragawa Station, then take Yasaka-bus #6 from Katsuragawaeki-Nishiguchi (Katsuragawa Station West Exit) bus terminal 2 and get off at Katsura-Goryozaka (C-Cluster)

Access to Ohtsu Lab
Ohtsu Lab is located on the 2nd. floor of C1-2 Building in C-Cluster, Kyoto University, Katsura Campus, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8540 Japan

Room 235 : Prof. Ohtsu Hiroyasu  tel: (+81) 075-383-3260
Room 236 : Associate Prof. Pipatpongsa Thirapong  tel: (+81) 075-383-3261
Room 234 : Assistant Prof. Kitaoka Takafumi  tel: (+81) 075-383-3262
Room 238 : Students  tel: (+81) 075-383-3263

Kyoto University Katsura Campus Map

1 A1 Bldg. B4
2 A4 Bldg. B4
3 A3 Bldg. B4
4 A Cluster Oˆffice Bldg. B4
5 A2 Bldg. B4
6 Cafeteria “Half Moon Garden” B4
7 Bakery Cafe “Lune” B4
8 Energy Management Center A4
9 Innovation Plaza B4
10 Tennis Court A4
11 Kyoto University ROHM Plaza B4
12 Funai Center
Career Support Oˆffice Katsura Satellite
13 Funai Tetsuro Auditorium A3
14 Katsura Campus Administration Bldg. A3
15 Katsura Int’tech Center
Research Center for Low Temperature and Materials Sciences
16 Campus Service Center
Restaurant “La Colline”
17 C1 Bldg. A2
18 C Cluster Oˆffice Bldg. A2
19 C2 Bldg. A2
20 C3 Bldg. A2